Wednesday, June 14, 2006

White House press secretary Tony Snow

"Mr. Snow, as White House press secretary, do you have anything to say about the 2500 American soldiers who have been sacrificed thus far in Iraq because of George Bush's fraudulent war on terror in a country that did nothing to the United States, George Bush's fraudulent search for weapons of mass destruction that he apparently thinks is so funny that he even did a comedy skit about it in the Oval Office, George Bush's liberation of Iraqis by killing them by the hundreds of thousands, and George Bush's imposition of mob rule in a sovereign nation? Do you have anything to say about those 2500 dead Americans?"

"It's a number."

Update 07/12/08: He's in Hell.


Blogger Comandante Gringo said...

Do you pike him so soon while he's only been in the White House a short time? Or do you pike him for the years he spent lying and smearing for Fox News?


8:34 PM  

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